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Welcome to PiMOV!

Leadership Movement for a Socially-Conscious Earth #powerofbeing #togetherwearelimitless 🦋♾

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Grow the Socially-Conscious Leader that You are!

Do you envision a world without Governments? We do!

The earth needs you to get together with like-minded others to share your being, your vision, and your project to potentiate Positive iMPACT.

Join this Leadership Movement for a Socially-Conscious Earth! Change starts from within: The world needs you 

#powerofbeing #togetherwearelimitless 🦋♾

We potentiate Positive iMPACT through your uniqueness and co-creation. 

We envision a world led by Socially-Conscious Leaders, who share their wisdom and vision through who they are and what they love to create, changing the world from the inside-out, and for whom co-creation is the doorway to their highest potential.


PiMOV is a borderless community, a Movement.

We are a community without frontiers; 

We are the Movement that interconnects everything and everyone, breathing in and breathing out to grow and positively iMPACT through its uniqueness and co-creation.

You can think of PiMOV's "Home" space as a combination of website, social media, podcast and video sharing site. 

Like each of these other places, PiMOV offers different visibility and capability to members.

PiMOV en Español

Liderazgo Social-Consciente por una mundo mejor 🌎🦋♾

Este espacio está destinado a nuestros miembros que hablan castellano y quienes necesitan un lugar donde sentirse seguros y ligeros para compartir y potenciar su Poder del Ser.


What You'll Get


The Marketplace

Share your news, your special offers or links to your services, and showcase your launches!

Many of you have interesting socially-conscious communities, projects or events, which you would want to share and reinforce by joining the Movement.

This space has been created for you to share your special offers or links to your products or services, and to support you in the showcase of your launches, in respect to our ad-free, promotion-free movement.

To access the Marketplace, you will need to register as a monthly member.


The Socially-Conscious Leadership Circle

We acknowledge that not everyone is ready for this Movement…  

You need to be willing to change the earth by starting with yourself! Are you ready?

We bring together Change Makers to master the skill of Socially-Conscious Leadership so that we dare to be who we are, to create what we love, and change the world from the inside-out.

A Movement requires the community to embrace the flow of Socially-Conscious Leaders and their creations, each of them co-creating this amazing borderless being of giving and receiving that defines the Socially-Conscious earth.

To access the Circle, you will need to register with an annual membership.

We can't wait to start co-creating with you the Socially-Conscious world!



Belong to a safe, non-judgemental and ad-free movement of being

Belong to a community that holds you in respect and love

Connect with Socially-Conscious Leaders like you

Co-learn with a global community with diverse backgrounds and perspectives

Redefine and practice leadership for a Socially-Conscious world

Discover and experience your potential in freedom and safety

Recognise and practice the power of co-creation

Reinforce your project through your uniqueness and co-creation

Increase the dissemination and attendance of your events

Embrace resiliently and courageously the quest of changing the world from the inside-out

Co-learn and co-evolve through conversations, weekly and life virtual events, and empowering sessions

Get inspired and empowered by a positive and passionate energy

Grow the Socially-Conscious Leader in you through exploration, experience and practice

Co-create the marketplace of Socially-Conscious events 

Potentiate Positive iMPACT and limitless abundance for a better world

Create the new earth with others like you!



What our Members are saying:

Competition doesn’t exist any more, there’s only Co-Creation. 

No judgment, no promotion, just connection, collaboration, and living from the inside-out.

We are the new world's leadership movement that is co-created by Socially-Conscious Leaders like you who are changing the world from the inside-out to potentiate Positive iMPACT.

PiMOV's platform is a Movement of Being where you co-create through who you are and what you love to create.

This is a place for you to thrive and expand your unique and powerful Socially-Conscious Leadership. 

We encourage you to be free to explore, experience and expand through connecting and co-creating with your fellow members. We avoid encapsulating you with the structures that exist in the outside world.

This is a Transformational Movement that is innate in You!

This is a Movement of positive transformation through the giving and sharing of whom you really are.

This is not a religious or political movement.

It is a way of living, which once rooted within your being expands to your family, friends and community, transforming society from the inside out. 

It's about Giving and Receiving, in everything we do!

About Us

We’re happy to have you here :)

In partnership and in service for ourselves, for the Movement and for this world, we support, inspire and empower each other to potentiate Positive iMPACT.

We are Socially-Conscious Leaders who have dealt with the feeling of not belonging to this conventional world. Each of us with our unique story. Each of us with our unique projects. We are now co-creating a new world through our Socially-Conscious Leadership.

The Why of PiMOV


We invite you to co-create with us the Socially-Conscious earth!

You are reminded to stay in the present and flow through your personal responsibility to be who you are in respect and dignity for yourself and everybody else.

You are here to grow individually, together, and with the community, to demonstrate to the world that living from the inside-out, balancing the inner world with the outer world, and vice-versa, whilst giving and receiving, definitively enhances the Power of Being and potentiates Positive iMPACT.

Stand for the Positive iMPACT Movement!

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#powerofbeing #togetherwearelimitless 🦋♾

We know the difficulties you can endure when committed to create Positive iMPACT in reflection to who you are and what you create. Should you not be able to pay the fees, we are open to review this with you. Don't hesitate to contact us via [email protected].

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